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  The complete Indak switch pigtail is the only one available anywhere made totally in USA that we know of, and is the correct color coding for the older Wheel Horse tractors making is easy to install.

  The Indak switch pigtail has the proper color wires for most of the older Wheel Horse tractors except we did the accessory wire (originally orange) as an orange with a white stripe to avoid confusion from the other factory orange. The original orange accessory wire would run the lighter, lights, or an electric clutch, and was fused in some tractors. Some tractors without factory accessories did not have this wire in the harness at all. You can use it to add accessories, cap it off, or pop it out of the connector if you like. It has 12" of lead wire which will put the connections under the center of the fuel tank on an older Wheel Horse so the wiring will still look original when installed.
  The Black Hoods had minor color changes and eventually the 300 up series were all black wires with colored stripes.  This pigtail will fit those tractors also. This pigtail will work on all of the Indak 5 prong switches which covered over 35 years of tractors and heavy equipment in many different brands.

  This pigtail is made totally in the USA of 100% made in USA components. The wires are fine stranded copper, and have high temperature manufacturer automotive grade coating. The individual connector housing and terminals are also 100% made in USA.

 Price includes 1 Indak Switch pigtail assy.

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WHS Indak Switch Pigtail

  • $22.99
  • $21.99

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