These are the step treads we use on the tractors we restore.  They are heavy black textured vinyl, high traction, anti slip, waterproof, have an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive, and are very easy to clean. 

  We use this design because they are so easy to clean and keep the tractor looking nice unlike the sand paper type treads, and still offer great anti slip traction. The tread bottoms are 18" long, 5 5/8" wide, the rear vertical treads are 6" long, 5 5/8" wide, and will do any tractor.  If you prefer them to be shorter they are very easy to cut.

  This is the 4 piece step tread set, we offer this in a 2 piece set also.  The 4 piece set will give you the look that Toro had on the 520's, it gives the tractor a more finished look while offering even more protection.   If you have a lot of rust pits on the rear of the step it helps provide a better look as well.

  The adhesive on these treads is very strong.  We recommend using a spray bottle with water and a little dish washing liquid, then covering the step as well as the back side of the tread before applying them.  Once you get them where you want them you can then use a squeegee to finish the application.  After the steps are applied you can trim the excess from the front of the step and any bolt holes if needed.

4 Piece Step Treads. 100% Made in USA.

Bottom Tread Length -  18"
Bottom Tread Width -      5-5/8"

Rear Tread Length -    6"
Rear Tread Width -      5-5/8"

Price includes 2 - 18" x 5-5/8" step treads, and 2 - 6" x 5-5/8" rears.

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4 Piece Step Treads

  • $9.99

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